Fun Things To Do In Charlotte NC: Nature-Tripping With Your Canine Pals
The Fox Tour with dogs at Yadkin Valley with Keendog group

Traveling is always a great idea. It gives us a whole new perspective that can never be found within the four corners of the office, or even at home. It allows us to start new friendships and renew bonds among old friends. Most importantly, it helps us reconnect with nature and transform our lives for the better. However, for some fur parents who can never leave their beloved dogs alone, traveling seems to be a far-fetched dream.  But hey, news flash: Traveling is not just for humans anymore! We at Happy Tails Canine Adventure Tours offer you fun things to do in Charlotte NC and a chance to spend time with your four-legged buddies in nature, rather than having to leave them at home. Not only are we dog-friendly; we are dog-focused. We want them to get as much out of the experience as you are!

Demetria Mosley of the Gaston Gazette writes about fun things to do in Charlotte, NC, and in her article about our Howl At The Moon Tour, writes about our humble beginnings and the common love for dogs and adventures that made Happy Tails Tours what it is. It’s an honor to share how our three cherished canine family members transformed our lives and helped us reconnect with nature. We want you to experience the same too, and for that we are organizing a Howl At The Moon tour by North Carolina’s Catawba River. This event will be on September 21 & 22, 2018.


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