Happy Tails is a new tour concept that is dedicated to taking you on fantastic adventures that focus on sharing great experiences with your dogs. Everything is about you and your dog having fun and building relationship. We are creating a number of fantastic international itineraries.

David Blank gives dog training tips when traveling
David Blank

David is a professional tour guide and dog trainer who has been to 49 US states and 45 countries. He has hitchhiked from the US to Guatemala to study Spanish, backpacked and hitchhiked throughout East and South Africa, and spent a year motorcycling 20,000 miles throughout the US, Canada and Mexico with his dog Max. David has an MBA in International Business and has lived and worked in Mexico, Panama, Ecuador, China and France. “As a guide, the only thing that is really important to me, besides sharing my love for the world, is that my clients have a unique, fulfilling experience that they will remember prominently and fondly for the rest of their lives!”

Dozer (Cattle Dog) & Margie (Golden/Collie)

  In 2004, Dozer attacked my tires as I drove home. When I got out, he ran past me (rather than away) and jumped into the open door of my truck, so I took him home. I had no intention of keeping another dog but 13 years later he’s still our clown.

Late one night in 2008, a small, mangey, hairless puppy ran out in front of my car in Panama (seems to be a pattern here). I took her home and presented “Margie” to Claudia. Within two weeks, Claudia claimed Margie as her own.


dogs margie and dozer while on tour
boat ride in Savannah

Claudia Fabrega

Claudia is a native of Panama. She is an attorney with a Masters in Maritime Law, and is an expert in the registration of vessels for the Panama Merchant Marine. Growing up she wasn’t able to have a dog, although she always wanted one. In November of 2007 she met David, Max and Dozer and fell in love. When David was asked what Claudia was like, his response was “Well… She’s the nicest, kindest person I’ve ever met!” After 10 years with them, Claudia has not only solidified her love of dogs, but has developed a deep understanding of what they need and what they have to offer us humans.”